The Real Problem with Modern Running Shoe Technology

Recent advancements in the materials and construction of running shoes over the past couple years have catapulted technological development to the forefront of the competitive runner’s mind when deciding which racing shoe to wear. No longer does it really matter […]

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The Healthiest Runner’s Diet for Best Performance

  The ubiquity of advice articles claiming to know what foods runners should be eating or should not be eating is understandable. Running, like many athletic activities, is basically an exercise of input versus output. One of the most basic […]

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Keeping on Running

So, we’re in the thick of the best time of year. I’ve had a long break from the site, but it’s been much more like a slow digestive process than a break. It’s fitting that my journey to and through […]

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Boston Marathon Done – Thank you!

What a race and what a day! Crossing the finish line, as difficult as it was, left me with such a sense of joy. Running, I can say now after such a long wait, is pure fun again. I ran […]

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Boston Marathon is here!

Hello All! Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks here. Peak marathon training coupled with work and commute and all the things has left me time and energy for little else. But I haven’t forgotten about […]

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Running for Rare – Team Up!

In spite of some really divisive and destructive barriers enacted recently in our nation, I’d like to offer a post about inclusiveness and productive connections. I’m partnering with the Running for Rare Team as part of my quest with my […]

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