Hubris and Mortality, or Week 17 BM Countdown

Week 17 started off the same way Week 18 ended—limping. I have been pretty exhausted from trying to fit in marathon training with all the logistics of the holiday season. Nonetheless, Teresa and I went for a 17 mile easy […]

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Week 18, Boston Marathon countdown

Whew. Getting this website up on top of daily commitments and actually running has delayed my first Boston Marathon post, but I’m glad to finally post this one. We’re already into Boston Marathon training. Some marathoners might want to do […]

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Welcome to The Marrow of Running

Hello intrepid reader and discerning citizen of the world-wide web. Welcome to my site and blog The Marrow of Running, through which I will discuss running related topics as existential subject. The main of which is my current endeavor to […]

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