Boston Marathon is here!

Hello All!

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks here. Peak marathon training coupled with work and commute and all the things has left me time and energy for little else. But I haven’t forgotten about you.

Thank you for all the support in whichever way you sent it. I realize that I am running for many more than just myself, even if I largely am running for myself in the moment. I don’t think anyone will be let down tomorrow. While my phytosterols levels are not normal still, through treatment I have lowered them to the point that my hemoglobin has risen to no longer anemic levels. I feel good, but if I blow up tomorrow, it will be because I tried my best and not because I was mysteriously weighed down or held back.

We raised a good chunk of change for a great cause, Running for Rare. If you’re feeling the Boston Marathon spirit or just like supporting research on rare diseases and aid for those who have them, please consider donating through my page.

I’m attaching some valuable info below for those who might be on the course and for those who are far away. Race time is at 10:00am. My bib is #1985. I’ll be wearing the singlet pictured above, made by my lovely fiancĂ©e.

Have a good race tomorrow!

Here’s a map of the course.

Here’s lengthy info for spectators.

You can download the app to track runners here.

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