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Hello intrepid reader and discerning citizen of the world-wide web. Welcome to my site and blog The Marrow of Running, through which I will discuss running related topics as existential subject. The main of which is my current endeavor to train for and race The Boston Marathon in 2017, after having been struck down by inscrutable anemia for nearly 3 years now. Along the way and well beyond it, I hope to raise awareness for the cause of this anemia and my lifelong macrothrombocytopenia: Sitosterolemia.

I likely would have never known about Sitosterolemia and the anemia it caused within me, if it were not for running. I have run the gammut of phases of a running life—introductory, competitive scholastic years, hobbying as I explored different interests and activities, solo, reinvigorated competitive with community focus, running for love, struggle and resignation—but I feel like I’ve been given potential for a completely new running life with my diagnosis and treatment of Sitosterolemia. I also cannot forget that without running and its cardiovascular benefits I likely would not have survived this genetic condition as reasonably healthy as I have. So, running and Sitosterolemia for me from now on (perhaps even from past on) are inextricably intertwined, and thus together are subject of this site.

Let’s not forget life! Another purpose of The Marrow of Running is to investigate running at large as it relates to life. While life certainly would exist without running, running would not exist without life. En fait, to run is the greatest and at the same time most basic exercise of life. Running is such a monumental part of my life and has taught me so much. My discoveries elsewhere have only informed me that those truths too exist in running, through which they are often distilled to the essence, the marrow of running and life. Life joins as subject of this site, and so beyond Boston and raising awareness, anything and everything is potentially pertinent.

Which is to say that I wish not to tell only of myself here. The Marrow of Running while fine and focused is not a vacuum or a bubble. I may choose to continue to run now because I wish to live deliberately, to kick up the truth and see if I could not learn what doing so had to teach about life, and not when I come to die, discover that I have never truly run. However, I also wish that others do not continue to run meanly and miss their opportunity to run verily. So, I seek to strip down every iota of the things that running has ever seemed to me and every micro morsel of the things the marketers want me to believe that running is and publish the essence realized to the world! Others must exist in order for these realizations to be actually true. And those who aid and further this purpose will join as subject of this site.

If you’re interested in hearing more, subscribe to the blog. You’ll get updated every time I post, which will be about 1.5 times per week on average. You’ll hear about potential sponsors of this endeavor, and organizations I partner with to further the mission of raising awareness of Sitosterolemia. And of course you’ll hear about running, people, and life.

Thanks for reading. See you on the run.

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