Sitosterolemia is essentially a lipid storage disorder, which might sound innocuous but can actually be life-threatening. Not much knowledge is out there about the condition, even though it has been researched a fair amount relative to the number of those affected. In addition to more specific information on sitosterolemia you can find in my FAQ and Resource pages, I will describe here my experience with the condition and its effects on me.

I hope the insight and detail will help others with sitosterolemia and their families ascertain more about their own health, as well as help society at large better understand what this condition means for those who have it. Runners and other athletes with hematological issues might find a couple things helpful here. Those who have high cholesterol might also. Those wishing to investigate "healthy" food options might also. I am not a health care professional in any way, though, and so you should consult one before making any decisions about what is best for you and your health.